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Specialization: English teacher

Education: Asian College of Teachers

Teaching experience: 1 year

Grade: English: 7 - 12 year of study

Specialization: English Teacher

Education: Canada, The Concordia University of Edmonton

Teaching experience: 2 years

Grade: English: 6 - 12 year of study

I am a teacher, and I am proud of that! Besides the English language, I have been also teaching different subjects (Philosophy, psychology, drama, writing stories).

There is no pressure, even if you make mistakes because they are part of our growth.

If you desire to learn with me, we will have fun doing interesting activities, where you will learn at your comfort and ease.

I sincerely hope that we can help each other in achieving our goals together. (Mine is to help you reach your own)

Specialization: English Teacher

Education: Border Guard Troops Academy

Teaching experience: 20 years

Grade: English: 5 - 12 year of study

Dear Student, I am professional interpreter and English tutor. For many years I have been working in International Companies and by the way I was teaching English children and adults. I have an individual approach to every my student. All my lessons are very interesting and exciting. Hope to see You on our lessons.

Teaching experience: 9 years

Grade: English: 7 - 12 year of study

My name is Marzhan. I am 28 years old and I have more than 7 years of teaching tutoring experience. I always ensure that my students learn proper grammar, writing, and reading comprehension. I aim to create a supportive learning environment which will help your students meet their learning goals. Through interesting and diverse methods, you'll teach them the important rules of reading, writing, and speaking in English.

Specialization: Math&English Teacher

Education: R. L. Rajalakhamgowda Law College Belgaum Karnataka India.

Teaching experience: 1 year

Grade: Maths: 1 - 5 year of study, English: 1 - 12 year of study

I am a teacher, learning as well as teaching is the basic foundation of education and teaching is one of my passion n i love to teach n share my knowledge with my students, I will teach English and Mathematics in a way my students understand and grasp the knowledge, which I m eager to share with them.

Specialization: English Teacher

Education: Novosibirsk State University

Teaching experience: 4 years

Grade: English: 1 - 12 year of study

I've been working as an English tutor for 4 years. I had experience of working with different types of students of different ages. I know how to create a friendly and comfortable environment for studying. I teach my students not to be afraid or ashamed of their English skills and speak freely and fluently.

Specialization: English and Math teacher

Education: Mahatma Gandhi kashi vidyapeeth

Teaching experience: 7 years

Grade: Maths: 3 - 12 year of study, English: 1 - 12 year of study

Hii, This is Amrita Srivastav
.I am a professional online English teacher, and I have been teaching since 2016.I specialize in Spoken English, grammar and comunication .
My teaching style?
Fun and interactive!
I really like to teach English cause nowa days it a global language. The more you know and learn this language the more it will help you.

Specialization: Math Teacher

Education: IIT DHANBAD

Teaching experience: 2 years

Grade: Maths: 5 - 12 year of study

My teaching way or approach is very different from others. What i found is mathematics always haunts students. My teaching way is very subtle. My method is to approach student by knowing what he lacks in mathematics. To found the student's weakness in the topics and work on it, rather than just completing the syllabus. If you remove the weakness by changing the thinking of a students, after that his approach towards topics changed and he or she falls in love to the topics.

Specialization: English Teacher

Education: Guru Nanak Dev University (G.N.D.U),I.G.N.O.U

Teaching experience: 5 years

Grade: English: 3 - 10 year of study

My name is Arzoo Arora.
I am enthusiastic to provide your child with a solid education by helping them reach their full potential. My passion for English helps me to motivate and inspire students while creating a fun and challenging learning environment. Coming to my academic credentials and job experience I possess 5+ year of experience of teaching as an English teacher. I have worked in Miri Piri Academy ( international academy) for 2+ years.
Apart from it, I have also taught Ielts for one and a half years and have also taken spoken English classes. I believe it’s my responsibility to inculcate a passion for learning and creating something new.
I strive to encourage creativity and higher-order thinking in a way that increases student performance. So I am committed to making each student feel comfortable in my class and become a confident learner.

Specialization: Math Teacher

Education: Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya

Teaching experience: 7 years

Grade: Maths: 8 - 12 year of study

One of the reasons for me to fall in love with math is that this subject has the key to any operations required to be implemented in real life such as trigonometry and its applications for constructions, applications of integrals to find the area of complex structures, application of derivatives to find the maximum and minimum volumes and area required to make any 2-D or 3-D objects and so on.

My way of teaching includes real-life applications along with each chapter as it gives an insight of all theories to my students about the purpose of studying it. I believe in doing derivations of formula and important theorems instead of just writing it on board before starting the problems based on it, which help students to get the 360-degree idea of the concept.