Math Tutor for 8th grade

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Specialization: Math Teacher


Teaching experience: 8 years

Grade: Maths: 5 - 9 year of study

I believe in teaching the subject Maths through fundamentals. As once the basics are clear, student is enabled to solve all the variety of problems. Mathematics is a subject in which application of knowledge and practice is must.

Since I scored full 100 marks in my Class 10 Board Examination in Maths, my interest for the subject increased. Further as I took up teaching as my profession, I look forward inculcating the same interest and inspiration in my students for the subject.

If teacher is energetic and interested then if surely affects the learning atmosphere for the student. I teach concepts with real examples and keep the teaching learning lively for better outcomes

Specialization: Math&English Teacher

Education: Mumbai Montessori Teacher Training Institute

Teaching experience: 4 years

Grade: Maths: 1 - 8 year of study, English: 1 - 8 year of study

An enthusiastic teacher who prepares student centric lesson plans to help out in clearing all your doubts and queries. With my experience would like to make a positive difference in your life and make them better and easy because together we can do it. I love my job and I get a great sense of achievement from seeing my students develop and grow as individuals and if I have a positive impact on their future, I feel I am doing my job well.

Specialization: English and Math teacher

Education: Mahatma Gandhi kashi vidyapeeth

Teaching experience: 7 years

Grade: Maths: 3 - 12 year of study, English: 1 - 12 year of study

Hii, This is Amrita Srivastav
.I am a professional online English teacher, and I have been teaching since 2016.I specialize in Spoken English, grammar and comunication .
My teaching style?
Fun and interactive!
I really like to teach English cause nowa days it a global language. The more you know and learn this language the more it will help you.

Specialization: Math Teacher

Education: IIT DHANBAD

Teaching experience: 2 years

Grade: Maths: 5 - 12 year of study

My teaching way or approach is very different from others. What i found is mathematics always haunts students. My teaching way is very subtle. My method is to approach student by knowing what he lacks in mathematics. To found the student's weakness in the topics and work on it, rather than just completing the syllabus. If you remove the weakness by changing the thinking of a students, after that his approach towards topics changed and he or she falls in love to the topics.

Specialization: Math&English Teacher


Teaching experience: 8 years

Grade: Maths: 1 - 9 year of study

I like maths and I really loved teaching mathematics as I can teach by taking examples from our day to day life which is easier for students to understand and they really enjoyed the learning new things in maths.

Specialization: Math Teacher

Education: Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya

Teaching experience: 7 years

Grade: Maths: 8 - 12 year of study

One of the reasons for me to fall in love with math is that this subject has the key to any operations required to be implemented in real life such as trigonometry and its applications for constructions, applications of integrals to find the area of complex structures, application of derivatives to find the maximum and minimum volumes and area required to make any 2-D or 3-D objects and so on.

My way of teaching includes real-life applications along with each chapter as it gives an insight of all theories to my students about the purpose of studying it. I believe in doing derivations of formula and important theorems instead of just writing it on board before starting the problems based on it, which help students to get the 360-degree idea of the concept.

Specialization: Math teacher


Teaching experience: 4 years

Grade: Maths: 1 - 10 year of study

Warm and caring teacher who wants all children to be successful learners and works to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, and adaptive to the varied needs of students.

Specialization: Maths Teacher

Education: Delhi University

Teaching experience: 4 years

Grade: Maths: 4 - 12 year of study

I love to teach mathematics and have worked with different institutions and I have cumulative teaching experience of 4 years.
I teach mathematics with the help of modern-day teaching methodology and fun activities, due to which it becomes very easy to understand the subject.
Apart from this, I have leadership qualities, honesty, punctuality and have always been dedicated to my work.